Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Live From Sour Apple" – Ep34 K. Ellis Edition

You know this is the show which gives you the question of the day and you get to answer and get live feedback from the guest. So what you waiting on Show me what you Got.
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Chicago’s Next Superstar!
By: Jenna Marie Christian

Singer, a sultry songwriter, a captivating choreographer, a prime producer, a marvelous model, and an admirable actor are all just a few ways that only begin to describe Chicago’s next big superstar, the amazingly talented Mr. K. Ellis.

The first few things that you will notice about this man are his irresistible good looks, his tall and toned frame, his smooth caramel colored skin, impeccable style of dress and his winning smile. You will find that his persona is the most enchanting of all. This very kind, soft -spoken, and friendly gentlemen has such an inviting spirit that is undeniable.
Born in Chicago’s inner city, having had to deal with his fair share of life’s trials, tribulations, and struggles, but found therapy, peace, and relaxation in perfecting his craft. K was introduced to music during his early childhood by listening to oldies, but goodies that were played by his parents and grandparents. Being of African American and Puerto Rican decent exposed K. Ellis to the variety of musical genres. Influenced and Mesmerized by the sound of The Temptations, hypnotized by the moves of Michael Jackson, fascinated by the talent of Tito Puente. He began to hone his skills further by participating in school plays, local talents shows, fashion shows, family productions, practicing the piano, and leading a singing group. After a few disappointments K decided to focus on flourishing as an individual artist rather than being a part of a group. Which have helped to develop the exceptional man we have in the entertainment industry today.

K is not only an all around entertainer, but an honorable business man. He is now starring in his Second film “Leaders” Which will be out soon. K is continuously in the studio working hard, writing, recording, and producing. He does not only work on his own material, but he shares his skills with other artist as well. Although it seems that his hand is in every industry he admits that music will always be his first love. But the best of K. Ellis is yet to come. His 5 year plan consists of charity work, non profit programs, music, movies, and more. K. Ellis is well on his way to superstardom, but he knows that he will never forget where is has come from. His tips for those who are looking to succeed as well are to “Put God first” and “follow your dreams”.

The Term “Triple threat” is commonly used to characterize many multi talented individuals. But what phrase could you use to describe someone who has been blessed with such an unlimited amount of mind blowing, breathtaking and unbelievable skills? You will simply have to just call him Chicago’s next superb super star, K. Ellis!

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  1. Big Ups To You Brother K. Ellis
    I see you getting it in all over the place. Proud of you Fam! Even when you don't think I am checking for you I am! Keep up the excellent work. The Industry is yours.