Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quantity vs. Quality?

Hey blog world, today I wanted to discuss quantity verses quality, as you know there is a huge double standard between men and women even though women have come a long way to walk in some of the shoes men do, the sad truth is that double standards will always exist with the biggest double standard being the number of sexual partners women and men are allowed to have before it becomes unacceptable. Though it is more acceptable for men to have many sexual partners it does diminish the quality of man, because just like men don’t want females that have a huge number of sexual partners neither does the female. Being a woman myself I do find that it is a turn off if I meet a guy who has had sex with every chick they've met, because their self value has gone down. I don't want a guy that every woman has had, however it is more forgivable
because with men sex is physical and not mental.
Now some may feel that in a mans case the more women the more experience but I feel that you can learn a lot with just one person, it's just a matter of wanting to get to know each others body, and further more their likes. Plus both of you have to want to try new things because otherwise it just goes south.
Ladies I didn’t forget about you I love that we are independent but the truth is that the double standard in this particular case is never going to end. Anything men can do we can do better, but when it comes down to multiple sexual partners let's be honest it’s not really cute. No man is going to disagree with a woman that wants to just have casual sex because they don’t plan on taking you home to meet mom ever. If he does then deep down it was a mistake and he has yet to admit it.Now I hang around a lot of guys and I learned guys won't tell you if they think your a hoe. The sad truth is they will have sex with you even play house, but when they have the conversation with their guys about why u didn’t make the cut it's because they secretly think your a hoe.
This blog is not to offend women and it shouldn't especially if you are secure with yourself and if your secure with yourself then this blog will not faze you. Now I’m no angel trust and like I said before I'm not trying to offend anyone but it frustrates me that it's so many women that don’t own up to the fact that they use to be or have hoe like mannerisms. Not only that, they sit here and they say well if men can sleep around so can I and it liberates us, but no it doesn't it actually liberate us, it makes you a hoe and it sets the real independent hard working women back a couple of years. Ladies realize that that same man who has many sexual partners is still going to end up with a woman that has fewer to none sexual partners, and you are most likely going to end up 40 years old alone still hanging where the 22 year olds hang looking for a man. Blog world what do you think, does having many sexual partners diminish the quality of a woman or man? Does the quantity of sexual partners enhance the quality of sex?

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