Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I’m being cheated on............ I think!

So I’m sitting here and I started thinking about all the stories I’ve been told about how friends of mines have spouses that have been cheating on them, and the procedures they went through to prevent that from happening. Honestly it’s pretty dumb! We and I say we because I’m guilty of it too, we go through hell and back stressing about whether or not our boyfriend or girlfriend is going to cheat on us and in the end the only person that ends up hurt is us.

Honestly most of the time if you cheat through your entire relationship and you get caught you feel bad mainly because you got caught not because your truly sorry that you hurt the person you cheated on, because if you were then you would have just broke up with that person period. But any who we go through extreme measures to catch a person cheating like hiring private investigators, hacking into facebook, email accounts and twitters and honestly if and only if we find something we never leave the person, we just bitch about it and then the cheating spouse switches up on their style.

No matter what we do in life to prevent a person from cheating if a person is going to cheat then they are going to cheat, sorry but that’s the truth. So here are a list of not things not to do if you think you are being cheated on. These examples are based on true facts, honestly.

1. Don’t count condoms and then tell them you are counting condoms. All they are going to do is keep a secret pack that you know nothing about.

2. Don’t pop up at the house, if they have a feeling you will pop up at the house they will not go home.

3. Staying under your spouse all day does not prevent cheating if they really want to cheat on you they will go run an errand and have sex maybe in the car before they come home.

4. Doing a bed check for smells and spots will not prevent your spouse from cheating they will have sex in chairs, or on the floor, or just wash the sheets before you come over.

5. Calling all day will not prevent them from cheating they will have sex while they are on the phone with you.

6. Checking phones and facebooks and twitters and then letting them know your checking their stuff will not prevent them from cheating they will just change their passwords.

7. Checking your spouse for hair and lipstick and the smell of another man or woman will not prevent them from cheating because a smart person would just freshen up before they see you.

8. Telling your spouse they are not allowed to have the opposite sex as a friend is definitely not going to work because now days they could be having sex with the same sex.

9. Just because you tell your spouse you have a feeling they are cheating on you will not make them fly right it just makes them cover up their tacks.

10. Do not hire a private investigator save your money, it’s not like they are going to tell you what your gut hasn’t already said in the beginning.

These examples are not meant to get the cheaters caught up or to make people paranoid it’s to relieve the people who are being cheated on some stress. After we stop doing all of this think of how much time we will have on our hands to relax and take a drink. I say keep your daily routine and never let your spouse know that you are on to them, because one day they will get comfortable and reckless and before you know it you’ll have your bags packed and ready to go on a singles vacation with the money you would have spent on a private investigator

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