Sunday, July 5, 2009

Death of Auto-Tune…No Death of Other Peoples Opinions

Ok what it do Guy’s? It’s your Boy Pretty Boy. Today I want to talk about how we as Men let other Men dictate what we wear.

First and foremost I want to give shout outs to Jay-Z and 50 cent for being great men in Hip Hop and in Business. Now that that’s done, I want to use them as the centerpiece to my opening statement. Only because they have voiced big opinions on peoples dress codes and lifestyles. Jigga single handily took dudes from hoodies and Jerseys to button ups, and in my opinion…well done. Only down fall is that Button ups had went up to $150 a pop. lol

Hopefully u were taught like me when growing up to be your own person @ all times. So why do we let the Jays and 50’s tell us what to wear.

In Jay’s new song D.O.A. Jay says “You’re jeans too tight, You’re colors too bright.” And 50cent questions Kanye’s sexuality due to his dress code. Now I’m not shocked by 50 that’s what he does. But Jay the man who was like: “If you don’t like what I’m doing it cost you nothing pay me no mind”, how could you not extend that same courtesy to others?

Now I’m not a big fan of skinny jeans or man bags but hey I’m just happy that black men are getting real style beyond baggy jeans and fitted caps. I mean I’m not saying go totally Mr. Bentley and I’m not saying stop wearing baggy clothes if that’s what you like. All I’m saying is be your own man period. If fashion is not what you’re into wear your dirty white shoes into your beautiful house. That’s what a friend of mines does and he lives across from Trump towers.

I just want for us as men to put our worth in our own opinions period. People yell gay this and gay that but the gayest thing you can do is let another man tell you how to be your own man.

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