Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Live From Sour Apple" - P1 Edition

“Live From Sour Apple” – P1 Edition

Welcome to my new mobile show that gives You the people a Voice. You got a question you want to ask the world personally. We can provide that for you. All you have to do is hit us @ wit the question and if we like it we will meet you and put it on film.

So enjoy the first installment and get prepared to grow wit us. Cool. Cool

P1 in thought

Phenomenal1 is a hip hop artist and producer from Chicago, IL. His music in a word: Clever. This clever blend of music coupled with his dynamic live performance keeps him busy. P1 is currently touring throughout the Midwest and playing many local dates in his hometown. Make sure you get the latest project Phantastic EP available online. P1 is also working on a new project tentatively titled "1UP" A self described twitter head you can contact him directly on twitter @phenomenal1_rap. So be sure to visit and join the mailing list for the latest news and updates on this exciting artist!

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  1. This guy is awesome! I have been to a couple of his performaces and he is off the chain! P1 GOT NEXT! Check him out!