Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Live From Sour Apple" - Ep2. Fuzzy Edition

“Live From Sour Apple” – ep2 Fuzzy Edition

You know this is the show which gives you the question of the day and you get to answer and get live feedback from the guest. So what you waiting on Show me what you Got.


Meet the Woman:

I am a live events host/emcee, model and actress. I travel often so if you need a beautiful host/emcee with an amazing personality for an event, I'm your girl!!! I am a recent graduate of The Illinois Center for Broadcasting, I currently intern at Clear Channel Communications and I am also a professional bartender. I have studied improv at The Second City (Chicago), I love the industry because my outgoing, fun-loving personality always shines. My style is very versatile, giving me the ability to adapt to any situation. I can easily be reached by email or you can check me out at


  1. Funny as hell, I think i'm in love with fuzzy

  2. We out here! women should not carry that attitude around that men have something to prove every guy is different. like you said if they don't do it then don't fock wit em!

    And men do need to step it up! like you said be a man know your role and play your role. ya digg!

    and pretty boy im not going first anymore you took the show to the next level. i need your answer to my question haha.

  3. This chick is psycho! She is a total fraud and liar trust me she has nothing at all! She's a fake ass model with no money who does shit for free! Where are all the PAID bitches at! Not this tramp ass bitch!