Wednesday, July 22, 2009

WTF - Super Head

WTF is my new section of things that make me say. WHAT THE F**k

Okay I do believe that you should let peoples’ past die. But damn SuperHead..Damn.
I really feel if she wants to be taken seriously now she should step away from writing these books.

I mean come on Ma.

It’s called the Video Vixen Manual. Why would anybody think it’s about marriage? I’m sorry mama you dug a huge hole for yourself and it’s going to be a minute before you are not attacked for past and present deeds. Maybe you should change your name and lighten your skin and move to Africa. I don’t know but good luck mama. Congrats on your past book success though. Damn……Damn.

Check out the video interview of Superhead for her new book. All i can tell you is that they cut her off before it was over. Leave comments and click those Ads to the right.

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