Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Live From Sour Apple" – Ep8. Hi Def Edition

"Live From Sour Apple" – Ep8. Hi Def Edition

You know this is the show which gives you the question of the day and you get to answer and get live feedback from the guest. So what you waiting on Show me what you Got.
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Using inspirations from the Creator and visual expressions, I construct an environment through the synergy of art and music.
Born into a family of musicians, Juan Rodriguez took an early interest in composition. Growing up, he learned to play 5 instruments, conduct, and perform live. In 2004, Juan co-founded Hi Def Studios on Chicago’s South Side. The studio was created around the vision of being able to offer the best possible product for the musician’s budget.
In 2006, Juan took the position at premier art gallery, Gallery Guichard, as Curator and live production manager. At the time Juan was one of the youngest art gallery Curators in the country. In this position, Juan began to develop a different type of audio/visual experience for art enthusiasts. Drawing upon the energy of paintings and sculptures, Juan created custom music arrangements to complement some of his arrangements at the gallery for exhibit openings. In the 2009 fundraiser, “Transcending Violence”, Juan curated a storytelling exhibition and collaborated with Hi Def DJ Pro Pat to arrange a mix of instrumental music and local underground artists, live. This approach created an atmosphere to reflect the theme of the show in a way that captivated a diverse audience.
The artistic collaboration between fine art and music became Juan’s niche for live productions that has taken him to various premier art shows in New York, Atlanta, Boston, and Oakland, Ca. giving him a vast artistic network. Today, Hi-Def Productions has grown from a basic production studio to a full service production label offering an experience like no other from studio to live productions, mixing and mastering, producer and writer representation and promotion. The Hi Def experience is like walking into a gallery of sound.

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