Monday, July 19, 2010

Live From Sour Apple season 2 Ep1 Torri Griffin

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Torri Griffin is a singer/songwriter based out of Chicago. Torri first came to the public conscience as the voice on the song "My Little Man" from the nationally syndicated Tide commercial. Torri started out singing at a very young age on a live radio broadcast in Chicago. Torri currently does personal vocal training and also teaches choral technique. In an effort to sew into the community where she was raised, after returning home from college, Torri went back to the school that she attended to head the music department for a few years. Torri is heavily sought after for her songwriting ability, vocal arrangements, and background vocal performance. Torri has recently made the decision to step from behind the scenes into the spotlight.
Torri Griffin’s debut album "Stained Glass Window" was released in June of 2010. Featuring ten original compositions, “Stained Glass Window” may very well be Torri’s defining moment. This album is a compilation of life experience and stories that everyone can relate to. It provides a combination of high-energy guitar playing, melodious vocals, and heartfelt lyrics that makes an emotional connection with the listener. These songs are easy to listen to and sing along with even though you've never heard the tune before. The development of her unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influences. Torri’s vocal styling, lyrical content and overall musical prowess can be compared to the likes of John Mayer, India Arie, and Jill Scott. The new CD will be available at her shows and through her label’s website “”. It is also available at online music stores such as Digstation, CDBaby, ITunes, Rhapsody, eMusic etc…
For interview and booking information send an email to or call 773-895-8369.

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