Monday, July 26, 2010

Live From Sour Apple Season 2 Ep_4 Rookie

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Since a young boy, Rookie always showed that he had a creative side as well as a business side. In 6th grade following the popularity of, "The Simpson's" TV show, Rookie drew headshots of the cast and sold them to classmates at a dollar a pop.

The Boring Sentimental Facts

Born and raised on Chicago 's south side, Rookie serves as the Founder and Chief Director of Rookie TV and Rookie Films Corporation. At the age of 16, Rookie took the family's home video camera and began shooting a series of skits with his cousin, Big DAVE under the name of Rookie TV. De La Salle High School served as the backdrop where he met with David, “Big DAVE” Watson, and Christopher “C-DUB” Jordan and began to foster the relationships that would eventually help Rookie TV to materialize. Rookie later met with C-DUB in art class and the two bonded through the competitive nature of creating artwork to represent themselves and their school.
After High School, Rookie obtained a scholarship to the University of Missouri Kansas City where he majored in pre med. Though a career in medicine was very attractive, Rookie changed his major to Communications his sophomore year and thus began his formal introduction into the world of production. The projects that Rookie would go on to produce in his production classes entertained his classmates so much that many times his works received a round of applause after each showing. After obtaining his bachelors in communications from UMKC, he figured the best way to continue his career would be film school. “I applied to a few film schools right after I graduated, and got rejected by each and every one of them. I knew then that I had to change my master plan…or at least the means of getting there.”

Rookie TV will Rule the world?

While looking for work in the field of production, Rookie substituted in the Chicago Public Schools and met up with C-DUB one day at a local school where the two taught. After a short meeting the two formulated a plan to produce Rookie TV and they began writing skits together and the rest is history. Skits like “Cart Safety”, “Beaters”, and “Mr. Applebox” are testimonials of how great his eye and heart is for production. Rookie TV is a culmination of all the skills that are possessed by Rookie and his co- workers, only time will tell what will become of the project. One thing is for sure though; the world of media will never be the same.

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