Monday, September 20, 2010

Live From Sour Apple Season 2 EP- 27 Ben Official

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Some people call it “destiny” or fate” but it is a fact that so people are born to sing and make music. The industry has been waiting for something Official and this specific art ist officially reveals the truth behind Soul Music. Ben Ojei (born July 02, 1987) better known by his stage name Ben Official is an up and coming Chicago musician, striving to become a legendary neo-soul singer. A distinguished artist, Ben Official is dedicated to his music career. Ben is not only an extremely talented singer; he also excels in song writing, playing the piano, and composes and produces his own music.
Born in Nigeria, at the age of 5 his family decided to move to the Unit ed States. After his arrival, Ben discovered his new love for neo-soul music. Inspired by artists such as Toni Tony Tone and D’angelo, at the age of sixteen, Official began developing his skills of playing the piano “by ear,” and found his voice in soul and gospel. Having performed in various churches, he began to gain a new sense of his most valuable instrument: his voice. Official practiced whenever he had the chance to experiment with different techniques. He says, “Although I was raised Cath olic, I loved the atmosphere of a Baptist church. The soul and struggle that I heard in Old Negro Spirituals enlightened me to a new genre of vocal us age. I connected more to that soulful sound and eventually made it my own.”
A resident of Chicago since the age of 7, Ben says, “Chicago gave me a new un derstanding with artists such as Dave Hollister, Black Street, Carl Thomas and Bri an McKnight. I found these voices quite different but highly interesting in their riffs and runs. It was my first introduction to gospel voices on R&B tracks/beats. I then found R&B Soul.” Around the age of 17, Ben decided to take his music and performanc es to the next level.
With unique vocals, best described as silky yet raspy, Ben often finds himself be ing compared to a blend ofJamie FoxxCarl Thomas and John Legend. Ben Official has performed at various large-scale venues in the city of Chica go and throughout the U.S. during a 6 city tour. 
Currently, Ben is working on a new project as he plans for a Album/Mix tape release in the summer of 2010. Highly anticipated songs such as "Round and Round" and "Glamorous Girl" will be featured on the "R&B V.S. Neo-Soul" Mix tape.

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