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Live From Sour Apple Season 2 EP-31 Anika McClure

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The Biography of Anika T. McClure 
Ms. Anika T. McClure is multi-talented in many areas including, mass media, video & film, radio 
broadcasting, business management, photography, graphics arts, modeling, and fashion.  
Beginning her journey in 1986 into this world, even she would be amazed at all the possibilities she 
would turn into reality and accomplishments. 
Beginning to follow dreams in the field of medicine, Anika’s interest in the arts sparked when she 
participated in the Spiral Workshop program at the University of Illinois in 2003.  She was able to 
display her talents through her work and this was when she had an idea that something was there 
for her to begin to flourish and possibly to make into a career.  Still going against her passion for 
art, Anika was accepted into Chicago State University in 2004 and begin her journey in the pre- 
medicine program.  In 2005, she decided to switch majors over to Communications, and restarted 
her journey in the arts. 
Anika is a graduate from Chicago State University, Class of 2008, and has received the 
Baccalaureate degree of Arts in Communications.  She was heavily involved in academics as well 
as campus life.  She was a member of the National Dean’s List, received the Merit Award from 
2007-2009 for the outstanding work as an undergraduate student in her communications 
department, worked in the National Black Theatre Festival, executive board member of NAACP, 
member of CSU Media Group and CSU Student Life, a model in Allure Models Group, and was 
crowned Chicago State University 2008 Homecoming Queen.  She is now a current member of the 
Chicago Teachers College/Chicago State University Alumni Association. 
In 2008, Anika came up with the idea to start a production company, Fusion Chilled Productions, 
which did not move too far in the right direction, but stood at a stand-still.  Still building a fan-base 
and working on productions and live shows, Anika knew it was time for a change in the aid of a 
better investment for the company.  In the beginning of 2009, Anika changed the name of the 
company to Pink Fusion Entertainment and continued to produce live shows.  Pink Fusion 
Entertainment is her stepping stone and she has grown the company into what it is today. 
With mixing her knowledge in production and her modeling experience, her biggest show, which 
was her first fashion show “ConGLAMOURate: The Fashion Affair” debuted in 2009 was her major 
success story.  With teaming up with several designers and models, and having many in 
attendance, this was the event that marked history for Anika and for Pink Fusion Entertainment. 
Anika has worked on film projects with many companies including Royal Caribbean, and has 
produced many live and film and video productions as a college student and after graduating.  She 
enjoys print modeling and runway work and training runway models.  She also enjoys writing in her 
leisure time and looks forward to the future in producing her own literary works. 
As she continues to work to fulfill all of her dreams in life, two of her most recent project she is 
working on are “Pandemonium: A Fashion Affair” in September 2010, and a launch event for her 
clothing line “Modernaire Clothing Company”, which will debut in early spring 2011.  

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